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ecotrax picture gallery customer feedback

Johan posted the following comment on HELLO PETER: I enquired about a product and was surprised to get a response in a couple of minutes Ecotrax, as one is more often than not lucky to get any response whatsoever from businesses nowadays. Then I ordered from Ecotrax, and was kept up to speed with every single detail of my order. Delivery was arranged and made to the minute by Ecotrax. A small defect was discovered in the equipment and reported via e-mail to Hilton of Ecotrax. Again, within minutes, he responded and promised to send a replacement part within maximum 2 working days. Mere hours later, however, he phoned (although I could not take the call and realised only later it was him when I compared the number to that of a sms I received) and then sent an sms saying that the part had been obtained and will be sent to me. Within 2 hours later I got another e-mail from Ecotrax with the tracking number of the parcel and also a projected time of delivery. Thank You Ecotrax and Hilton for outstanding customer care and service. One does not easily come across this exceptional level of customer service. it makes one feel special and certainly guarantees a succesful future for Ecotrax.

  bicycle engine kit
convert your bike into a motorcycle  

Loving it!!!

Tom, CPT

Ben, Midrand

  bicycle engine kit
motorcycle bicycle   Mike, JHB
Colin, HorsebackAfrica   customer feedback
ecotrax   Brian, Rustenberg

Chris took to the ecotrax like a fish to water.
Thanks for helping to build.
Looking forward to new shipment.

  ecotrax motorised bicycles
ecotrax motorised bicycles  

My wife who has just turned 71 went for a ride today without any mishap at all, and BE ADVISED she has never riden a motorbike before. Thanks for all your help!

Cliff, Hermanus

Strange how my old bike suddenly got a life and personallity! Can’t keep the smile off my face!

Gene, Sasolburg

  ecotrax edenvale south africa
bike engine   Mark, Edenvale
Bruce, Edenvale   bicycle engine, edenvale, south africa
rear mounted engine for bicycle  

Alex, Edenvale

bike rear mounted engine

*Customized rear mounted engine, should you require a customized bracket please contact Ecotrax.

A photo of my running project! Already 230km on the clock…

Jacques, Bredasdorp

  ecotrax running project
army green bicycle with motor by ecotrax south africa  

Just a photo to brag and a note to say thank you, I haven't had this much fun in ages!

Eurika Bentwoodinn, Underberg

BMX 66cc conversion

Our bike runs like a charm!! Its scary though... we are getting over 60km/h out of it!

Dylan, Midrand

  bmx 66cc conversion by ecotrax
ecotrax edenvale springs midrand  

Thought I would send you a pic of my bike. The frame and running gear is at a good point, its got some good tires, different bars, stripped down with a custom front engine mount and custom chain guides. Im going to start modifiying the motor now, balance, port and build a pipe for it.

Calvin, Springs

Thought I’d send you pics of my bike!

Lance, Capetown
  Mudau, Kensington
Shaun along with daughter and the family hound!   dogs bike, ecotrax, south africa, jhb
ecotrax bicycle kits motor, limpopo   A while ago a purchased one of the kits from you, since then I had installed my unit and all is 100% and fun to ride.

Faan, Limpopo

Simple to install, everything you need is in the kit. Great fun to ride.

To view a short clip of Keith in action CLICK HERE!

Keith, Johannesburg

  great fun to ride, simple to install, ecotrax bicycle kit
ecotrax expansion chamber exhaust system  

Reuban, Edenvale.

Note the expansion chamber exhaust system. Should you be interested in an upgraded exhaust, please contact Ecotrax.

"Took me 2 weeks to build this custom chopper bicycle.
A few setbacks with the chain lengths and tensioners but we managed. I will be making my own frames to cut costs, will be busy with a jig soon. Watch this space!!"
joburg custom motorised chopper bicycle ecotrax
Dylan, Edenvale

  custom chopper bicycle with engine
pretoria university ecotrax demo bike   Pretoria University Ecotrax demo bike ridden by Marnus.
Phat Fish delivery bike, Edenvale   phat fish delivery bike
ecotrax bike edenvale jhb   Anton - Rayton, Gauteng

Tim, Middleburg

Tim is our Agent in Middleburg, click here to contact him!

  ecotrax middleburg south africa

1905 indian replica bike

indian motorized bike replica cradock south africa


1905 Indian replica

The bike rides very well, and the engine starts with no great pedalling effort. It has ample power too, and can go up even the steepest Cradock hills without help. The booklet says that it will have a lot more power after its 500 km run-in period. One just has to remember to pull the clutch in at every stop street, and to pedal away till a few km per hour, then release the clutch again. Eben has made some short movie clips of me careering up and down the road outside his house, much to the amusement of onlookers.

Stephen, Cradock

Board Track Racer - Replica.
Thought I would send some pics for your web site. This bike belongs to Christo. He built it up.

Barry, Cape Town


board track racer replica cape town, ecotax

ecotrax board track racer replica cape town

ecotrax motorized bicycle moto-bike  

As promised the pic's of my finished Moto-bike

Wolf, Ballito KZN

Hi, I received my engine kit on Friday afternoon, and have completed the installation. It runs very well, thank you very much. Please see attached photo.

John, Vryheid
  bicycle engine kit vryheid ecotrax

ecotrax durban agent

bicycle engine kit ecotrax durban kzn

proven top speed of ecotrax motorised bicycle


A few of the bikes built by Duncan in Durban and proven top speed.

Duncan is our agent in Durban you may contact Duncan by CLICKING HERE!

Duncan, Durban  
  Louis, working at a gold mine in Tanzania.

Very neat Schwinn Beach Cruiser build by Martin,
Sun Valley, Cape Town

  schwinn beach cruiser ecotrax motor cape town
blits kriek motorized bicycle   My bike "Blits Kriek" is running perfect. Albert, Brits

Nicholas, Newcastle (KZN)

Grubee Starfire Gen II build (Slant head with
flange mount carb). Should you be interested
in the Grubee motors please contact Ecotrax.


motorised bike joburg

ecotrax motorised bicycle

motorized raleigh bike edenvale  

This is a raleigh I built. Having lots of fun thanks.

Tyrone, Johannesburg.

Silverback Shifta kit build - Reuben, Edenvale   silverback shifta kit build bicycle
motorised bike cape town   We have the bike up and running – Tracy thinks it's great fun – Mark, Cape Town

4 Stroke build by Chris, Primrose Johannesburg

Should you require more information about the 4 stroke motor please contact Ecotrax


4 stroke motor bicycle

4 stroke motor bike

4 stroke motor johannesburg

ecotrax joburg bike motors   Overall I am very impressed with the kit, as well as the support I received from Bertie (Cape Agent for Ecotrax), and I will definitely build a second one as soon as I can find a suitable frame" Jacques, Somerset West – Capetown.
Board Track racer replica - Johan, Wonderboom South   Board Track racer replica
Custom bike buildVanderbijlpark   Custom bike build and paint by Piet, Vanderbijlpark

Thank you very much for all the help and the super service.

Another build by John, Vryheid.

  turn your bicycle into a motorbike
schwinn stingray moped johannesburg  

Just took my first successful test drive an hour ago! Goes like a charm! There is still a LOT of work to be done thought, like a custom exhaust etc.

Schwinn Stingray by Johan, Pretoria

Herewith a photo. It is running well and already attracting a lot of attention. Ben, Pretoria   motorized bicycle pretoria
kenton on sea motor bike   As promised some pictures of my (motor-)bike. Bert, Kenton on Sea
Shaun's bike getting some attention outside the Harley Clearwater store, Johannesburg   harley davidson johannesburg
motorized bike melkbossrand cape town   I am surprised at how well this concept works. Looks like lots of fun. Chris, Melkbosstrand – Capetown

Attached a few photos after completion you can use them on your web if you like.

The bike is going well. My 14 year old grandson visited us at home in Sedgefield recently for the school holidays and put the bike through some rigorous testing every day.

Dave, Sedgefield

  bike sedgefield

bike Port Elizabeth

motorised bicycle Port Elizabeth


Hi Hilton. I like the bike engine, already done some mods. Exhaust is a must, cylinder skimmed by 0.5mm. My son did the carb extension and bike goes very well. Thanks!

Christo, Port Elizabeth

Innovative design by Alan Hall, you may visit his website for more details.

Alan, KZN

  mmmcyle maxxcyle

sedgefield south africa

motorised bicycle sedgefield


I have modified the chain tensioner to a spring tensioner and this has improved the actions tremendously and should help with the chain stretch problem and the loose chain noise and backlash.

As you can see I have fitted a swivel bush in the top of the original slide, this required filing out the top of the slot to fit the bush.

The swivel arm is 5mm plate and the spring I purchased at a local car spares shop.

I manufactured the spring bracket on the rear fork from 3mm plate and drilled it through into the frame to insert a self tapping screw, this stops the bracket from slipping down the frame.

The chain guard needed a little tweeking but fits well.

Dave, Sedgefield

Can you maybe put my bike on the website? You know its nice to show off!

Iain , Boksburg

  boksburg motobike biker bicycle
66cc custom build ecotrax bicycle secunda   66cc build – John, Secunda
Received in good order thanks, and got mine started last night for the first time and took a few runs and up and down the street, awesome!
Thanks again :)
Reece – Bantry Bay, Cape Town
  bantry bay cape town motorized bike
Giant Simple Seven build by Fabien, Claremont – CapetownGiant Simple Seven Claremont Capetown   Giant Simple Seven build - Fabien, Claremont Cape Town
The 50kph top speed on my bicycle computer is clearly inaccurate. Did another test with my dad driving next to me and I'm getting 60kph – Garreth, Johannesburg

custom god father chopper

god father chopper nkosana springs ecotrax

  Custom God-Father Chopper build by Nkosana – Springs
Our bikes are done, came out very nice. Pieter, Pretoria North   ecotrax motorised bike
motorised bicycle johannesburg   Custom build by Ahmed - Parys
Bobs Bike - Edenvale   bike motor johannesburg
varsity bikes motorised  

I recieved the stuff on thursday thanks, and all things are running nicely, 3 out of the four people in my house will now be motoring to campus everyday! :)

Peter – Claremont, Capetown


Just some news of my Indian Replica Ecotrax bike. It's still running brilliantly by the way, and the engine is fully run in.

Firstly, a reporter of the Burger (by far largest Afrikaans newspaper in the Western and Eastern Cape) heard about my Indian replica bike and came to see it and had a short interview with me.

Then about 2 weeks ago a local reporter for the central Karoo Region newspaper Midland News saw me on the bike, and made an appointment to do an article and photos of it. This article appeared in last week's Midland News.

I think the main attraction at this stage on my "silly" bike is the baboon skull at the front, which opens its mouth and its eyes pop out whenever ones blows the hooter! It has horns from an Nguni cow and the neck vertebrae are made up from a Tsessebe (Red Hartebeest) backbone. It took me many evenings to get all the mechanics right so that the eyes and mouth co-ordinate their movement, but it was well worth the effort. I have also fitted some rat traps with fake dead rats, a spare headlamp (ie a candle!) and other silly oddments since I last contacted you.

By the way, I have had some enquiries from people regarding the Ecotrax engine kits after the recent newspaper articles, and I have given them your details. I think the high petrol price has a lot to do with the recent interest in the engine kit.

Stephen - Cradock


baboon skull motorized bike

the burger afrikaans newspaper



Shifta Kit build

Shifta Kit build


Shifta Kit build (using Sick Bike Parts Shifta kit) by
Chris - Primrose

Another custom / theme build (Hip Hop Originals) by Nkosana - Springs   hip hop originals theme build

Aibrush Connection

ecotrax bikes

custom build bicycle

Aibrush Connection bicycle

motorised bicycle


Bikes custom built by Kobus of Aibrush Connection.

Some of these bikes are for sale, should you be interested in purchasing any of these bikes or if you would like Kobus to custom build your own bike, please contact us.

Here are some pictures of my completed bicycle, thank you for the great service.

Richard – Cape Town


motorised bicycle cape town

bicycle engine kit cape town

replica indian bike motorised  

Thx for the support, all sparse were inside the kit, it took me about 3 hours to assemble. I have tried to build this time a replica Indian bike.

Faan - Limpopo

Bike almost done, I plan on doing first start and test run tomorrow.

Joe – Kempton Park, Gauteng

  motorised bicycle kempton park
three wheeler motorized bike  

My 3 wheeler is running, but still requires some R & D.

Albert – Brits

Custom build by Maritz – MJS engineering Walvisbay, Namibia.

Maritz is also our agent for Namibia.

  motorised bicycles namibia
robot cycles durban custom build  

Custom frame build by Craig Sharp.

Robot Cycles - Durban

Chopped BMX motorised scooter build.

Christo - Parys

  bmx motorised scooter build
4 stroke bicycle motorised cape town   Very neat 4 stroke build by Cape Town Agent Devin of Cycle Works

Thank you very much for your assistance. I shall buy many more kits as I believe this to be a great and inexpensive way of traveling and a wonderful opportunity to have a really great hobby.

Johan - Hartebeesport


hartebeesport motorised bike

motorised bicycle kit hobby bike cycle

ecotrax expansion chamber exhaust  

Performance carb and expansion chamber exhaust. Note the exhaust manifold adapter. This smooth's out the airflow by compensating for the rectangular exhaust port to the round exhaust pipe issue.

Toit - Kempton park

Reginald's bike custom built by JD – Randburg


ecotax custom motorised bike

custom build motorized bicycle

trike   Trike built for Giovanni, this bike is going to Palm beach, KZN South Coast – Bike has centrifical clutch with pull start

Avalanche Charge 10 – 22 inch frame – Built for Edward

  motorised bikes johannesburg
motorized bikes jhb   Rafi's bike – Giant 29iner with Centrifical clutch, this is an ideal off road bike. Rafi – Blairgowrie, Johannesburg

I logged onto ecotrax site looking for the engine kit , and so we call Ecotrax and they explain it'll be here with in a day after we transfer the funds. With most deliveries that come from far distances it takes days to get here , but I was very surprised when we received it the next morning , I thank you for your great service. Keep up the good work.

Keith St Winifreds - KZN South Coast

  bicycle engine kit south coast kzn
Schwinn motorised bike   Schwinn S1 Ladies bike by Rudi – Vanderbijlpark

Bike built by Duncan – Durban
*note the offset performance carb

  motorised bikes durban
motorised engine kit for bicycle   Thanks for the engine, it works great. Ben - Coligny, North West Province
Felt chopper build. Devin – Kommetjie, Cape Town   Felt chopper build Kommetjie, Cape Town
Cruiser ecotrax motorized bicycle   Cruiser build for Lebo - Westonaria, Gauteng West
modified FIXIE build by Jorge – Edenvale, this one has brakes   fixie motorised bike
ecotrax chopper build motorized bike   Another radical chopper build. Nkosana – Springs
Exhaust works excellent. Francois – Wilbart, Germiston   ecotrax custom exhaust motorised bike

ecotrax motorized bike

motorised bicycle free state south africa

  I just wanted to show you my bike... Just wish it was run in all ready so I can open the taps and see what it can do. Frank Senekal – Free State
Bike built for Corne, note the rear disk brake installation – Bloemfontein  

ecotrax motorised bikes

ecotrax rear disk brake

Avalanche Charge 10 ecotrax   Avalanche Charge 10 done for Mike, Carltonville. This bike is going to Gordon's Bay Cape Town
Qhuebeka Buffalo – built for Sarel – Pretoria   Qhuebeka Buffalo ecotrax

Schwinn Beach Cruiser ecotrax

motorized Schwinn Beach Cruiser

  Jason The Vale Big Ball'in Schwinn Beach Cruiser Chopper bar'd
I own an Ecotrax 66cc engine bicycle and truly am loving it every single day! People asking many questions and constantly turning heads :) – Barry, Mossel Bay   ecotrax 66cc engine bicycle
engine bicycle ecotrax   Here is a pic of my install – Mark, Edenvale
Hi, thought I'd send you a pic of my bike. It has got the shift kit on it. Works brilliantly. Ran the motor for the first time today. No hassles so far. Must admit that the motor and the shift kit is not a simple bolt on. I had to do plenty modifications to get everything to fit. But i managed and it was a fun project – Marius, Kempton Park, Gauteng   ecotrax motorised bicycles
motorised bike for sale ecotrax  

Custom frame build by Inaayat - Johannesburg

Inaayat is wanting to sell this bike if interested please contact Ecotrax

Lawrence's BMX build – Springs   motorised BMX
ecotrax motorized bike   Bike built for Gerald. Springs – Gauteng
Paul's go kart built for his great grand son – Paul is 84 years young. Verwoerdpark – Gauteng   go kart gokart ecotrax motorized
motorized bicycle   Justin's bike – Durban
Hi , I am sending you some more photos of my bike now with the expansion chamber mufflers fitted as well as a Walbro carb. I also fitted a chain tentioner to the shift kit so i don't have to adjust it all the time. The results of the pipe and the Walbro carb was that i gained lots of torque. I can run much higher gears now even going uphill. No high reving of the motor is necessary. And that keeps the motor super smooth in terms of vibrations – Marius, Kempton Park  
motorised bicycle johannesburg   Dave Sculley's bike after some tuning and the addition of performance carb. Performance has improved dramatically, was struggling to reach 30km/hour. Now getting 47 km/hour on a large 48 tooth rear sprocket - Dave, Kempton Park
2 Schwinn S1's built by Pierre – Serengeti, Kempton Park  


motorised schwinn bike south africa

board track racer replica

board track racer replica ecotrax

ecotrax johannesburg motorised bicycles

custom bike builds ecotrax

board track racer replica


2 amazing board track racer replica's built by Dave Mariner and his son Dylan.

They were built from chopped Qhubeka bike frames.

As agreed: the end result. Mods:
Made my own engine mounting & chain tensioner, spring loaded helps alot.
Exhaust is from an old 50cc which had to be heat bent & adjusted to fit the engine & frame.
Took 3 months to finish to the last detail but was worth it. Had it going for a week & it got stolen... Took a little bit of a reward ($) to get the police to get it back. Finally got it back with a few scrapes & dents but still running good & the motor is run in at last...
Dad (Gert) helped a lot, without him the mods & ideas might not have been possible.

Matt, Secunda


ecotrax custom built bicycles

motorised bicycle engine ecotrax

motorised bike by ecotrax

motorized bicycle

ecotrax 3 wheeler delivery bike

3 wheeler motorised delivery bike

  Ingenious folding 3 wheeler delivery bike – Albert, Brits

Dylan at the "Legends Day of Champions" at Zwartkops - 1st Feb 2015

Dylan's bike is for sale for R20 000 or nearest offer – Please contact Ecotrax if interested


racing motorised bicycles at Zwartkops

Zwartkops ecotrax bike

Zwartkops motorised bicycle engine

fat bike build motorised engine   Fat Bike build with offset motor mount for Scott – Bordeaux, Randburg
Chopper build for Jason – Highway Gardens, Edenvale  

chopper build ecotrax motorised bicycles

ecotrax chopper motorised bicycle   Another view of Chopper built for Jason – Edenvale
Dylan's 200cc board track replica – built for the Haksteenpan Speed Week   200cc board track replica
Schwinn Corvette build   Schwinn Corvette build for Michael – Centurion
Avalanche build for Pierre – Motorsonic – Edenvale   Avalanche build ecotrax
ecotrax motorised bicycle kits   Yanda's bike with customised expansion chamber exhaust – Yanda – Northcliff – Johannesburg

Some pictures of my bike. Taken me about 6 months to get to this point, still have to fit exhaust ignition and make the tank.

Tyrone - Ballito KZN


ballito motorised bicycle

ecotrax motorised bicycle parts

ecotrax motorised chopper bicycle  

Zahiers chopper mock up, more pictures and addition of motor to follow.

Zahier – Kensington, Cape Town

Chock and Dawie's epic 561km ride from Mosselbay to Middelburg in the Cape. The article will appear in the July edition of Bike SA magazine.  

long distance ride on motorised bicycle

long distance ride on motorised bicycle

long distance ride on motorised bicycle ecotrax

Peugeot tandem bike build

Peugeot tandem motorised bike

  Thanks for the excellent service, I received the kit and all part were inside the box. Built the kit into a Peugeot tandem bike, all fits well, just need to extend the carburetor inlet manifold and the exhaust pipe. Faan – Limpopo
Motorsonic bike after powder coating the rims and tank – Pierre, Edenvale   motorsonic bike
ecotrax motorised bicycles   Kobus's latest creation, this one is a birthday present – Kobus, Pretoria
Brent's custom chopper build - Brent, Boksburg   custom chopper build motorised bicycle

ecotrax Flywheel Custom Chariots

custom build Flywheel Custom Chariots motorised bike

  Zahier's completed bike – Flywheel Custom Chariots – Kensington, Cape Town
Chock's bike – Mossel Bay  

bicycle modification ecotrax

ecotrax bike modification

ecotrax motorised bicycle  

Thank you I recieved the replacement exhause today... Much appreciated. We fitted the engine yesterday and took it for a test drive, works perfect!
I still want to do a few things more to the bike so will update you.
Must say excellent service on ordering and your aftersale service rocks!

Hardy Bike & Saddle – Cape Town

I have included the first bike I built. This bike was a problem in that it is a cheap China bike purchased from a local China shop with strange size frame and thin material. Be this as it may I modified the lower mounting, made the brakes 60% rear 40% front on one lever, made another chain guide as the standard one would not fit the frame (frame very small diameter pipe). The customer then fitted lights, carrier, saddle bags, chrome mud guards etc. Bike runs well, customer calls it a sport touring bike. Les – George  

motorized bike ecotrax

motorized bicycle ecotrax

motorized bikes by ecotrax

motorized bike ecotrax


giant bike conversion ecotrax

  Just thought I would let you know, been commuting to work for the last 6 weeks with the original build (old Raleigh bicycle). I have enjoyed it so much that I have decided to upgrade to a better bicycle (Giant bicycle with better components). I am saving hours a day and enjoying every moment.
Etienne – Roodepoort – Johannesburg

That is yours truly sitting in the trailer enjoying a crisp (about to pour a glass of chilled wine from the cooler box, to celebrate my 71st Birthday with my buddies). The total length of the trip was 5 days, 360km. Melkbos strand to Langebaan and back.

Chris - Melkbosstrand


travel south africa

mountain bike camping south africa

ecotrax Custom fat bike build

ecotrax Custom fat bike build

  Custom fat bike builds. Vasu – Port Elizabeth
Selection of custom bikes built by Desmond – Bedfordview, Gauteng  

ecotrax motor bicycle build

ecotrax motored bicycle project

ecotrax touring bike with motor

ecotrax motorised touring bicycle with trailer


“Putting the bike through it’s paces in forests around Plettenberg bay” - Hardy

Rat Bike build by Fred of Viljoensdrift Wines, Robertson  

ecotrax rat bicycle with engine

ecotrax custom bike

eco trax customised bicycle

eco-trax cycle with motor


Felt custom builds by Tiaan Cape Agulas. These bikes are for sale, only a few left. If interested please contact Ecotrax

Some of Desmonds latest board traker replica creations.

The Red bike is for sale at R18500 (click on the image to download a small video clip of it - 2.8Mb).

If interested, please contact Ecotrax.

eco trax motor bicycle build

eco trax motor bike project

eco trax motor-bike build

eco trax motored bicycle project

ecotrax bike

ecotrax motorised bicyle


Update from Joburg!

750km's later! Still going strong with custom make sprocket!!

PS - its cold on a bike!


"I received my motorised kit on Friday, I started up the engine yesterday and it really moved well, I'm loving it , I'm really thankful to ecotrax for the top service" - Ahmed, Durban  

eco trax motor bicycle build

ecotrax custom fat bike


2 Custom Fat Bikes built by Chris, Primrose, for Johnsons Cycles.

Avalanche Cruz 88 on its way to be Delivered to Bernadette, Aston Bay. motored cycle

ecotrax motor performance bike


Motor performance mods, Tyronne Ballito.

2x Avalanche Charge 10s, one belongs to Aubrey, Jeffreys Bay.  

bicycle with engine

custom bike with motor

ecotrax fat bike

ecotrax fatbike

ecotrax motorised bicyle


2 Fat Bike builds for a Pretoria customer.

A Qhubeka Buffalo ready to be boxed and shipped to customer in Kyalami, Johannesburg.  

eco trax motor bike

ecotrax custom tank

ecotrax motorised bicyle


"I bought an engine kit from you during Desember 2017 and fitted it to a flying pigion bicycle. I went for an early 1900's classic roadster look with a brass bullet shaped tank." - Francois Dames

Maxs custom build Nigel  

eco trax custom motor bike

ecotrax 66cc

ecotrax motorised bicyle


"Damion Cape Town" on a weekend ride

Zelda's son and brother applying finishing touches, Cape Town.  

ecotracks bicycle

ecotrax 66cc

ecotrax motorised bicyle


"Up and Running" - Oliver's bike and trailer - Somerset West

Paul on a ride up the Outeniqua pass to Oudtshoorn - Paul, George Southern Cape.  

ecotrax bicycle

ecotrax 66cc

ecotrax motorised bicyle


"This thing has bitten me" - Alberto, Silverlakes, Pretoria

4 bikes built by Derek - Escombe, Durban  

ecotracks bicycle


motored cycle

bicycle with engine